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Looks like it's been hitting TRU shelves!

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Wait a spell!! They did a 17" Elissabat but passed on much more popular ghouls that came out long before she did? WTF??

I think they picked her since she shares a mold with Draculaura right? Anyway I would wish they would do other characters like Toralei or maybe Operetta and Spectra as 17 inch.

I totally got to get her

Cool!  Hope to see her in the stores!

Its cool that they chose her before any of the many versions of the core 6, but god ...what an ugly doll.

What's the point? We already have Draculaura. That's been my issue with Elissabat the whole time. She's essentially Draculaura's twin, and we already have way too much of Draculaura in the first place. Useless doll.

Ugh, this. They even changed her skintone from light purple in the prototypes to PINK >./p>

I was so excited to have an actual goth, dark vampire, but Elissabat is ultimately a useless palette swap.

I did not expect this! I'm so happy about this, Elissabat's my 2nd favourite character. The only way they can top this is by making a 17 inch Ghoulia.

Yes a Ghoulia would of been awesome. Aside from Gooliope because she a new character I don't much like these big dolls to much to rearrange shelves. Plus they are expensive and I don't need more versions of the same dolls now in different sizes too. Way too much. But "ugh" there is always a but Ghoulia I think I would buy.

one has to ask.. why?

probably because she was cheaper and easier to churn out, being the same colour as Ula and with a similar face mould (it's not the same mould on her smaller doll, dunno about the bigger one)

Elissabat really just... isn't different enough to be interesting. I prefer her to ula but she is just ula 2.0.

 Ghoulia or Cleo or Lagoona would have made more sense.

Since they started with Frankie, Clawdeen and Draculaura, they should continue with Lagoona, Ghoulia, Cleo, Abbey, Spectra, Operetta, and so on, in the rightful order.

I totally agree.


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