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This was just posted on Facebook.

So, a big Amanita too? Who will follow next? And, does this mean we will see a regular sized Gooliope? If so, that makes me happy :D

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I think this must be some sort of mistake.
I doubt Amanita would get a large doll so soon.
Some stuff probably got mixed up and this was the result of that mess.
If you look closely at Gooliope she has different joints and this Amanita doesn't have those same looking joints.
Or I could be wrong and we could be getting a larger Amanita(which would be exciting tbh I see myself playing with a big Amanita chasing all the Cleo's around lol) and this is just a meanwhile pic.

... I was gonna say, that promo pic doesn't look like a 17 inch doll... but I'd love it if this turned out to be legit.

I think this might be an error, because I looked up the number CKP50 and got an Amazon France page ( ) and it says the dimensions are 22.9 x 6.4 x 32.4 cm, which is about 12 inches tall. :/

I think you're probably right and this is not legit.

I just jumped to it because it also gave me hope of a more manageable sized Gooliope, haha! As much as I like her being that big, a regular sized version of her is better for my display unit, so I just really hope at some point Gooliope will also come in the 12 inch range :)

This is a interesting mistake i hope they fix it otherwise people will ask for refunds for false advertising lol.

I saw someone post a pic of her they got from toot's toys I believe and she didn't look 17inch they didn't say so otherwise, and other pics have not looked 17inch so I think this could be a mistake unless we get two which wouldn't be so bad I probably would buy both, but does this mean Gooliope will get a regular size version too? I wonder, I kind of liked the idea she would be the only 17 inch doll due to her being a giant blob monster that is what is she is right? unless of course Amanita is a giant plant monster, her hair does look different a lot different shorter is this her original promo pic? because it looked longer in other pics.

Yes, the Amanita that is out now is regular sized. When I saw this picture pop up yesterday on Facebook, I thought this meant we'd get a second doll of Amanita in the 17 inch scale. That made me wonder about the possibility of a normal sized Gooliope.

As it turns out, this is just a mistake.

And yes, Gooliope is a giant Blob monster :)


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