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I will pay max 150 DOLLARS for the ORIGINAL Clawdeen I can't get it in stores.

or ill trade you any picture day for her or dead tired, or 1600 for  her. thanksyou

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I got to agree, the whole scalper thing is silly, my dad ended up paying £175 for my little sister's Gill Webber, hope you can find Clawdeen soon! Ghouls Alive Clawdeen is pretty close though.

I saw this on ebay and thought of your post. It is not my listing, nor and I affiliated with the doll owner. Hope this helps!

I have a BNIB Wave 1 Clawdeen. PM me. Thanks

thanks guys, it's just that these days in my stores 1st wave is impossible (nearly) to find

I have purchased a BNIB Clawdeen. Just waiting for it to be delivered so I can tell whether it is original or re-release. I'm happy to sell her to you. I can also get the re-release Clawdeen :)

if I am not "really" happy to see that someone want her that badly, I feel less alone for wanting a doll so much that I spend what I think a little fortune for her and mine is a re released clawdeen ^^

i hope you found her. this was created awhile back


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