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So in the leaked trailer it shows a Haunt the Casbah Ghoulia and Cleo.
So as like every doll in every CGI movie,do you think they'll get made?
If you think they do,then a later release or in exclusive?
If they do I hope as a later release.
I'm still hoping for a 13 Wishes Holt/Jackson TRU exclusive.

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Heath and Clawd didn't get Scaris dolls, and I know Heath had a couple of new outfits.  I can't remember if Clawd's was, but I think so.  Though they're males, and we know how they're treated.

I do hold out some hope that the dolls announced/released so far are not the only ones, and there will be more announced nearer time for the movie to come out, but the odds on that, I think, are slim.  I would have much rather had the Cleo or Ghoulia, as I hate Abbey's design and what we've seen of the doll.  

On YouTube I've seen in a thousand times all over my dashboard

Spectra said:

Leaked trailer? Where?

Spectra said:

Do you have a precise link? I've been looking all over youtube and it's nowhere to be found

I would really like Ghoulia to be in a collector's line :(

I want more of the boys! I got Deuce in Scaris but he's the only one. I really want a Jackson but they are so much online

I wanted that Cleo so BAD :(. I remember SKRM Draculaura, since then it is almost confirmed Cleo and Ghoulia will not be in the line.

I think they dont sell any of the boys anymore

There really should be a Haunt the Casbah Ghoulia doll, since she was so prominently featured in those scenes.


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