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Taken from my tumblr which can be seen here.

After a lot of thinking, I have decided that I am going to thin out my collection to one doll per character. I love love love love monster high’s designs and its going to be very difficult parting with some of these.

These dolls are my litter of puppies and they can only go to good homes. (unfortunately right now I am limited to US collectors only)

In addition to the large amount of complete or near complete dolls, I will be selling bait dolls, fashion packs, play sets, and other random accessories.

All dolls are out of box and adult collector owned.

I’d like at least $8 for budget dolls and $12 for deluxe, however all prices will be negotiable. I will likely want more for older, out of production dolls. I will combine shipping and give a discount if you buy 3 or more dolls.

All dolls will be shipped via USPS priority mail. Shipping tends to be right around $5.60. Typically about 4 dolls will fit in 1 shipping envelope. Depending on its contents, shipping play sets may cost more but I will try to keep it to the lowest cost possible.


I did my best to find every piece to each doll but there are some missing. I also found some pieces after I had taken the photos and those are marked in the caption of each photo. If you notice something  is missing feel free to double check with me to see if I might have it.

As long as it took me to get everything together I still dont have everything photographed so there is still even more to come!

I will be posting this not only on here but two other forums so act fast. First come first served. I will NOT hold dolls.


You can see my 100% positive ebay feedback here.


DOLLS: (in no particular order)

-Creepateria Cleo

-Creepateria Draculaura

-Ghouls Night Out Rochelle

-Ghouls Night Out Spectra

-Scaremester Jinafire

-Ghouls Rule Cleo

-Ghoul Sports Toralei

-Dot Dead Gorgeous Operetta

-Dot Dead Gorgeous Lagoona

-Signature Operetta

-Frights Camera Action Cleo

-Scaris Rochelle

-Scaris Cleo

-Scaris Lagoona

- I Love Shoes Draculaura

-I Love Accessories Operetta

-Dance Class Rochelle

-Swim Lagoona

-Swim Rochelle

-Swim Venus

-Swim Draculaura

-Gloom Beach Cleo

-Scaris Catrine

-Music Festival Abbey

-Picture Day Draculaura

-Scaris Abbey

-Picture Day Frankie

-Music Festival Venus

-I Love Fashion Cleo

-I Love Fashion Venus

-I Love Fashion Clawdeen

-Dead Tired Draculaura with coffin bed

-Art Class Robecca

-Coffin Bean Clawdeen

-Frights Camera Action Operetta

-Mad Science Cleo

-Voltageous Frankie


-Cleo’s Vanity


-Student Lounge

-Dressing Room


-Party lounge

-Cafe Cart

-Coffin Bean

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How much would you like for each of the rochelle dolls and the operetta dolls?

oh, and I'm interested in what nude/bait dolls you have as well
Interested in I <3 fashion cleo and Venus

DO dolls come with their accessories? I'm interested in a few, but just wondering if they are complete.

I would like the swim class rochelleif shes still available. I also want to know how much for the sweet 1600 draculaura clothes and accessories

I'm Interested in the following dolls:

-Scaremester Jinafire
-Ghouls Rule Cleo
-Signature Operetta (Do you still have her pet?)
-Scaris Rochelle
-Scaris Catrine
-Art Class Robecca
-Frights Camera Action Operetta

How much do you want for each of these playsets?:
-Cleo’s Vanity
-Student Lounge
-Cafe Cart

I'll send you a friend request to set up particulars. thanks!

Is the werewolf CAM and vampire head+parts still available?

Thank you for your interest everyone. I apologize for the delay, I will be getting in touch with each of you later today. Cleo and Venus have already been sold. Any further inquires please email me at
Thank you!
How much for swim class Rochelle?

Hi, I was wondering what you have for CAM parts and if the Scaris Lagoona and Abbey both come with everything.

Bump for Dec. Update!

I still have plenty of dolls to sell! PLEASE FEEL FREE TO MAKE ME AN OFFER ON EVERYTHING YOU WANT. Also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me at if you would like to make a purchase. Everything is up to date.
I am not looking to make a profit off these dolls, just trying to get some extra cash for a move that's only a couple weeks away! Help me out and get some great dolls for you or your little monsters! I am very flexible!

I just sent you an email :-)

sent you an email about IHF Clawdeen :)


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